Embedded Microprocessor Development

Embedded microprocessor development is becoming the norm in today's technology products due to greater requirements for more embedded 'intelligence' and flexability in a given product's function.

Today the choice of components and development systems available to the embedded system designer is greater than ever before with embedded microprocessor solutions being available for the most basic product application through to the most complex. Some embedded solutions today incorporate more computing power than desktop computers provided 10 years ago. Active Technologies considers itself as a embedded systems provider and keeps well informed of the latest options for embedded processor design - particularly in the low power and micropower applications where now more and more embedded applications are appearing.


any components suppliers are now providing low power embedded options to their processor lines. The Microchip PIC family in particular is perhaps the most flexable of 8 bit microprocessor families available today with options of clock speed from 32kHz to 40MHz and RISC architecture in a variety of processor form factors and architectures.
Active Technologies specialises in applications for the PIC processor family.

Active Technologies is a member of the Microchip Consultant Program

Other processor families in which Active Technologies has developed products around and are also growing in the embedded application market are:-

Starting with the original 8051 architecture based products through to the RISC based AVR and other specialised security products, the Atmel range is continuing to grow.
Mitsubishi provide a number of embedded processor options with the M16C series being of particular interest. This processor falls into applications requiring greater processing power than the Microchip PIC series and provide a very cost effective solution for the right application.
The philips 8051 family still provides a main stay for embedded applications.

Many other sources such as Motorola, Texas Instruments & Zilog also provide solutions.

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