Design & Development Experience Summary

Active Technologies was formed in 1995 and provides consultancy/design & manufacturing services to the industry as well as maintaining a growing internal product development programme.

Technical experience can be summarised as follows:-

Analogue Electronics Design

Signal Conditioning - including micropower applications.
Sensor interfacing :
Temperature : PT100,PT1000,Precision Thermistors, Thermocouples.
: Capacitive, Resistive and chilled mirror types.
Others : pH,4/20mA etc
Low noise and precision amplifier design.
Audio systems: Power Amplifiers (100W to 1000W),Preamplifiers, Equalisers, Speaker Design, Low Noise Microphone Preamplifiers.
Various power electronics applications. (intelligent battery chargers, SMPS, drive electronics for solenoids etc)

Digital Electronics Design

Examples of various products groups which involved digital design and typically embedded microprocessors are:-
- Data logging systems.
- Long life battery powered microprocessor based products.
- Printer hardware controllers.
- Peripheral Controllers.

RF Design

Low power UHF RF design TX/RX. (315~433MHz)

Firmware / Embedded Development.

Processors : Microchip PIC16C5x, 16F8xx, 18Cxx series, HD6303, MC68000, 6502, 8051 family, 8085, Z80, Mitsubishi M16 etc
Programming languages : C, Macro Assembler.
Applications : Embedded processors, real time systems, multitasking executives.
ICEs : For 68000, PIC16C5X,PIC16F8xx,PIC18Cxx& M16 processors.

Software Development

Programming languages : C,Visual C++, Visual Basic.
Applications : MSDOS, Windows (32 bit), Windows DLLs, real time systems, multitasking executives.

Website Development

Website development in HTML, PERL
Development packages: Dreamweaver 4/ Fireworks 4, Frontpage.
Website hosting & management.

CAD : PCB design

- PADS Powerlogic and PowerPCB (schematic capture and PCB layout). Protel formats also supported.

CAD : Mechanical 2D & 3D

Solidworks, AutoCAD, DesignCAD


1206,0805, 0603 QFP (to 0.5mm pitch), SO. Double Sided SMD PCBs
Member of the SMCBA.


SMT lines involving stencil printing/ pick & place machines and reflow.
Jig design, manufacturing planning.
Designing products that are manufactured in the most cost effective manner for a given manufacturing setup.

Product Development Experience

Overall concept development including artistic rendering.
Design & Development of products or parts for machining / diecasting or plastic injection molding.
Metal treatment technologies. (Chroming/ Anodising and plating systems).
Design & Development of products to a given IP rating including permanent immersion to 100+ meters depth.
Providing for extreme applications involving vacuum / high vibration / temperature extremes.