Manufacturing Services

Active Technologies Ltd provides project management and manufacturing services in all aspects of the manufacture of electronic & electro-mechanical products.

Depending on customer requirements, we can provide a fully integrated service or one or more individual services.
Our services are summarised as :-

Vendor Appraisal

Utilising our extensive manufacturing experience, we will evaluate the facilities and capabilities of vendors to assess their suitability as a supplier to the project.


We will manage all stages of tooling development from initial design, through sample testing and final approval. We are experienced in plastic moulding, metal stamping and casting processes.

Production Planning & Scheduling

In close co-operation with the client, we will prepare a production plan to meet your product development and marketing targets. This plan may be a mix of locally made prototypes, followed by locally made small-volume runs, leading eventually to large-volume off-shore production. At all stages we aim to ensure that your market requirements are met at the lowest overall cost.

Materials purchasing and inventory management.

We will prepare detailed materials plans showing when purchase orders must be placed, based on delivery lead-times and the production plan. We can place purchase orders on your behalf, then generate inventory reports and cash-flow analyses for financial planning purposes.

Manufacturing process planning and documentation.

The production process will be optimised based on the product design and manufacturing facilities. The process is fully documented in the form of a flow chart, with detailed work instructions for each step of production and test. Compliance with these documents is audited regularly, and any process modifications are itemised and recorded.

Quality procedures and documentation.

We will prepare a customised Quality Plan based on ISO-9000 series standards. The plan specifies procedures and measurable standards for each step of material procurement, manufacturing and product test, to ensure that the finished product complies fully with the product specification. The Quality Plan is a working document for the manufacturer and our on-site audit and inspection staff.

Manufacturing control and inspection.

Firstly, we check that the product will be delivered within the agreed quality, price and time parameters. Material costs and manufacturing costs are continually monitored, and any savings passed on to the customer. Manufacturing and Quality procedures are routinely audited by our on-site staff. Any deviations are corrected, while modifications and improvements are recorded and incorporated into a new issue of the document. If required, we can arrange for an independent inspection company (eg SGS) to carry out on-site inspection of the product prior to shipment.


We will design packing and carry out standard tests to ensure that your product reaches you in perfect condition. We will also recommend the most economical and efficient shipping method, and make all the necessary arrangements including preparation of packing documents, invoices, consignment notes, bills of lading etc.

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