Active Technologies has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of electronic & electro-mechanical products with more than 20 years experience manufacturing in Asia.

Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture is a fundamental requirement however is particularly important when manufacturing in other countries.

Component sourcing and evaluation

Component sourcing including multisourcing and entering into long term supplier agreements are important for successful manufacture.


Prototyping in preparation for engineering and production pilots are a critial step to preparing for mass production.

Vendor Appraisal

Choosing the right manufacturing partner is a critical part of successful mass production.


Active Technologies as extensive experience in liaising with tooling vendors particularing in Asia. Normally this best arranged via the manufacturing partner to ensure ownership of quality control.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production planning is another critical step in successful mass production.

Materials purchasing and inventory management.

Materials procurement and inventory management are important factors in successful production.

Manufacturing process planning and documentation.

The production process is optimised based on the product design and manufacturing facilities. The process is fully documented with detailed work instructions for each step of production and test. Compliance with these documents is audited regularly, and any process modifications are itemised and recorded.

Quality procedures and documentation.

Quality Plans, often based based on ISO-9000 or similar specifies procedures and measurable standards for each step of material procurement, manufacturing and product test, to ensure that the finished product complies fully with the product specification. The Quality Plan is a working document for the manufacturer as well as on-site audit and inspection staff.

Manufacturing control and inspection.

Manufacturing and Quality procedures are routinely audited by on-site staff. Any deviations are corrected, while modifications and improvements are recorded and incorporated into a new issue of the relavent documents. If required, an independent inspection company (eg SGS) may be arranged to carry out on-site inspection of the product prior to shipment.


Packaging design ensure that the products ships in perfect condition.
The right logistics partner is important as this insures the most economical and efficient shipping method.


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